To further improve our services, we are excited to announce our newest offering.  In August of this year, we purchased a full fleet of in-house trucks, allowing us to add full logistic services to the business.

From the very beginning, our mission has been to complete jobs that meet specific customer needs, with additional emphasis on safety, budget, and deadlines. In adding logistics services, we have moved closer to being able to fully manage any job, in any industry, from Start-to-Finish.

Our logistics services allow us to provide quicker, more reliable shipping capabilities to any job site. Slower logistics companies can lead to unwarranted headaches in completing a job. Whether it’s a shipment of materials arriving later than expected or arriving incomplete, logistics issues can derail a job’s timeline. We have always believed in our customer promise; getting the job done right and on-time. Our logistics team is an added value that will further ensure that promise is kept.

There are a couple other issues in dealing with outside logistics companies. There is no guarantee on the material handling or transportation quality, both of which could lead to further problems down the road. Every step of our logistics process meets the same standards as the rest of our work, meaning quality will never be compromised.

This is an exciting growth opportunity for our company, and we know our customers will reap several benefits of our logistics services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can complete your next job!