Company History

What started as a modest mechanical contractor, focusing on specialty services, is now an all-inclusive, top-to-bottom construction company. Starting in 1977 as a specialty service construction company, M.A.P. Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has spent the last few decades expanding in size, vision and services. Now, in 2015, M.A.P. has become a reputable construction company with the ability to serve any and all needs for clients throughout any and all industries.


M.A.P. Mechanical Contractors, Inc. evolution has seen them grow from a boutique contractor to what they are today, a full service industrial General Contractor that offers a variety of clients several options suited to their needs. M.A.P. prides itself on providing everything from routine maintenance to an EPC Contract, all while meeting a job’s budget and time frame. Alongside meeting client needs, M.A.P. makes safety its primary focus on each project, zeroing in on accident prevention.

The exhaustive attention to detail, rigid adherence to safety, and emphasis on completing a job according to the customer’s wishes has allowed M.A.P. to grow from where they started to where they are, today. And it only makes sense to us to stick with what works: making customers happy.

About Roger

In April of 2014, Roger Griffin was added as an integral part of M.A.P. Mechanical Contractors, Inc. With over two decades of work in the industrial construction industry under his belt, Roger has worked in every capacity from earthwork to mechanical structural installations.

In his ongoing effort to offer clients full-service construction, Roger and M.A.P. are prepared and willing to perform predevelopment plans, earthwork, structural work and everything in between. From excavation duties to building finishes, nothing is outside of M.A.P.’s construction catalogue.
In June of 2015, Roger assumed 100% ownership and control of the company. M.A.P. General Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is excited to continue its path to growth for capacity and value-added services for its clients.

Roger R Griffin
Owner/President of Operations