Understanding the Broad Scope

We pride ourselves on understanding the broad scope of any civil work project. These projects can vary greatly in geography, complexity, and public impact, which create a unique challenge we are able to tackle. With extensive experience in construction and project management, a proven track record of safety and a Start2Finish approach that brings a next-level focus on quality, M.A.P. has the right mix of expertise and ingenuity to fully support your civil project from day one.


Our concrete experience allows us to do both new work and renovation work to concrete developments. M.A.P. has successful projects of all sizes, including paving, drainage, concrete foundations, structural support systems, pathways and other concrete building features.


M.A.P. of is often utilized for commercial foundation work in conjunction with our extensive structural and building erection experience. We offer services for site preparation, excavation/backfill/compaction, concrete and integrated steelwork. Our foundation experience includes mat, continuous footing, slab-on-grade, monolithic slab and pile foundations.

Building Finishes

We want you to be completely satisfied with all aspects of your project, which includes finishing touches. Our exceptional work on building finishes includes commercial framing, siding, roofing, gutters, doors and equipment installation. Our start-to-finish projects site are left clean and ready for move-in.