Providing a secure workplace is a primary concern for M.A.P. because we know productive construction and safety go hand-in-hand. To ensure the safest work environment possible, our management team has developed a comprehensive safety program that is constantly updated and revised. Our goal is to always have a safety plan that exceeds the expectations of our customers.


Our comprehensive safety program starts with an orientation process and continues through on-the-job training and mentoring. This ensures that every M.A.P. team member understands and adopts our rigorous attention to safety protocols.

Beyond initial training, M.A.P.’s safety plan includes a continuous agenda of weekly meetings and morning shop and field discussions to provide employees with sufficient updates on both OSHA requirements and M.A.P.’s additional policies. These meetings allow employees to ask questions and further discuss safety issues so that each employee is safe through the completion of every job.


To accompany the general safety requirements of M.A.P. and OSHA, trainings specific to each job and site are also implemented. We work with subcontractors and their employees to make sure our team is capable with carrying out safety standards on each job site.

After a hazard assessment is done, a Safety Activity Plan is written and reviewed for every job site. Such plans help employees maintain M.A.P.’s culture of safety throughout every step of the construction process. We understand that a safe work environment does not happen without educating each employee.


To keep employees educated on-the-job, M.A.P. has created a safety committee of management in both the field, shop and office. The safety committee conducts monthly reviews of all safety incidents (and near incidents) and uses the incident report data to reduce future employee risk. The committee’s weekly inspections of selected areas within the organization ensure M.A.P.’s equipment and systems are being properly used and maintained. Having committee members in the field allows employees to rely on them as resources for safety questions and suggestions. All committee efforts and formal inspections are used for continuous improvement of our safety policies and procedures.


Besides developing a culture of educated employees, M.A.P. is completely dedicated to the belief that a safe work environment is contingent on a drug free workforce. To guarantee that all of our employees maintain a drug free culture, we, in conjunction with subcontracted and approved agencies, conduct pre-employment, random and post-incident testing, while also implementing tests based on reasonable suspicion.