Comprehensive Structural Planning

We differentiate ourselves from other construction companies through a comprehensive structural offering that includes design-build and design-assist consultation, engineering support services, structural-steel construction management, detailing, fabrication, and field erection.

Our integrated package of structural steel services and design-build and design-assist capabilities provides our customers with solutions for their construction projects.

We’ll provide you with a thorough analysis of your structure including a detailed cost breakdown so you can develop your construction plan accordingly. Our methods are efficient and cost less because project planning is centralized and completed earlier in the process.


M.A.P. has expertise in erecting structures for heavy industrial and manufacturing clients of varied size and scope. We are proud to deliver the detail-oriented management and execution required for structures that contain specifications unique to industrial projects. Project experience includes: large-scale foundation and truss work, steel beams, siding, steel roofing and specialty interior finishing.

Commercial and Public Structures

We offer structural work to commercially funded organizations, while also constructing facilities associated with governmental and state departments. Our experience with various clients includes schools, government buildings, offices and water treatment facilities.

Power Plants, Chemical Plants and Refineries

M.A.P.’s structural capabilities include small and large-scale power, chemical and refinement projects. Our structural team delivers expertise in LNG, coal, turbines, processing and treatment facilities, refinery expansion and maintenance, pipe integration and tank systems.

Oil and Gas

Designing and constructing oil and gas structures requires a specialized knowledge and skillset. We have the technology and experience to build pump and compressor stations, processing and refinement facilities, shipping facilities and storage and tank systems.


M.A.P. is a trusted partner for medical clients to deliver spaces for excellent patient experiences and state-of-the-art treatments. We specialize in constructing or renovating detail-sensitive structures for hospitals, medical clinics, research laboratories and medical offices. We have experience integrating specialty medical equipment and systems like oxygen lines, exhaust systems, high-purity piping and stainless steel containments.