Here at M.A.P. General Mechanical Contractors, Inc., we believe there are many ways we separate ourselves from the competition. Our reputation has been built on exceeding client needs and expectations, completing jobs on time, and adding value to every project with our attitude and communication.


A recent project, installing a new boiler for Michigan Sugar Company in Croswell, Mich., tested us in all of these areas and more. This job included installing all related piping, including the boiler feedwater, natural gas, and boiler blowdown piping. While this started as a common job for M.A.P., we immediately faced a major hurdle.


The project was estimated and scheduled to be a six-week job, but the boiler itself arrived three weeks late. However, true to our word, we adjusted our plan and were still able to complete the project in the promised six-week deadline. Our flexibility helped immensely, according to Jeff Emery, project manager. “We added more manpower, and developed a good strategy as far as what we needed to do,” said Emery.


At M.A.P., we are fortunate to have a team that worked together and allowed us to still complete this job on time. However, it went beyond having a hardworking and committed team. There were several other areas that helped us complete this job on time, and that are standard to doing business with us.


We know our craft and scope. After more than 40 years in the industry, we have grown to a full-service contractor with a staff built on the strongest experience in all the fields we serve. At every step of a project you will be working with a knowledgeable team member, helping complete the work in a way that best suits your specific organization. According to Emery, “M.A.P. has created a cultured group of craftsmen, that have been with us for a long time and know how we run our business.”


We have exceptional office staff. The companies we work with deserve to be supported by a strong team across the board. Our office staff is critical in helping maintain communication between ownership, project managers, subcontractors, and the customer. We believe you should always be able to reach somebody to quickly get an answer, and our staff allows us to deliver just that.


We have the right attitude. We also believe there’s more to working with a company than simply getting a job done on time. We value strong relationships and take pride in our work. Attacking all jobs with a positive, do-what-it-takes attitude helps us continue to work safely, efficiently, and leave a lasting impression with all customers.


Though we were faced with unique challenges, but it was rewarding to finish the boiler project on time for Michigan Sugar Company. If you have an upcoming project, we’d love to start a conversation about how M.A.P. can serve you next. Contact us today!